Nidec America Cooling Fans and Blowers
  Documentation Archive– Alpha V® and Beta V® Cooling Fans and Blowers
BCI 175DC TA225DC TA350DC TA600AC 
Gamma 26 60 x 10mm 92 x 25mm(Ball Bearings) TA600DC
Gamma 28 60 x 15mm 92 x 25mm(Sleeve Bearing) 172 x 38mm
Gamma 30 60 x 25mm(Ball Bearings) 92 x 32mm 172 x 51mm Round
Gamma 32 60 x 25mm(Sleeve Bearing) 92 x 38mm 172 x 51mm StraightSide
TA100DC 60 x 38mm TA450AC 172 x 55mm Round
TA120DC 60.5 x 20mm TA450DC 172 x 55mm StraightSide
TA130DC TA275DC 119 x 38mm TA700AC
TA150DC TA300AC 120 x 25mm TA1000AC
40 x 15mm TA300DC TA500AC VA225DC
40 x 20mm 80 x 20mm TA500DC VA300DC
40 x 28mm 80 x 25mm(Ball Bearings) 127 x 38mm VA350DC
42 x 10.5mm 80 x 25mm(Sleeve Bearing) 127 x 51mm VA450DC
TA200DC 80 x 38mm Alpha V, Beta V and UltraFlo are trademarks of Nidec Corporation.
UltraFlo -High-Performance Cooling Fans and Blowers from Nidec.
Servo Cooling Fans and Blowers from Nidec.
Nidec TA450DC Cooling Fan

Hyperlinks - links to archived data sheets for Nidec tube axial fans, vane axial fans, centrifugal blowers and backaward curved motorized impellers

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